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Featured Color - ASST
Nikwax Spray
Regular price $ 14.50
Featured Color - ASST
Nikwax Tech Wash
Regular price $ 9.75
Featured Color - Nikwax BaseWash
Nikwax BaseWash
Regular price $ 9.99
Featured Color - Nikwax Polar Proof
Nikwax Polar Proof
Regular price $ 12.99

Rain Gear and up to 30K Waterproof Fishing Jackets by AFTCO offers complete water resistant protection from foul weather elements.  Our line of waterproof fishing rain gear ranges from lightweight fishing jacket shells, pullover fishing pants, fishing bibs and 20,000 mm waterproof rated fishing jackets. Whether you're a saltwater angler who needs your fishing gear to withstand the salt spray over the bow of your center console or just looking to stay dry from rain while bass fishing, AFTCO has a waterproof fishing gear solution for you. AFTCO lightweight waterproof fishing rain gear is built to handle any fishing environment, and keep you comfortable and warm for any cold or rainy weather condition.