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Original Fishing Pants
$ 65.00
Light Gray
Rangle SS Button Down Shirt
Regular price $ 45.00
Light Gray
Rangle LS Button Up Shirt
Regular price $ 48.00
Solitude 2.5L Waterproof Jacket
Regular price $ 119.00
Nautical Blue
Sirius LS Button Down Shirt
Regular price $ 65.00
Gray Heather
Horizon Weatherproof Fleece
Regular price $ 118.00
Vesto Weatherproof Vest
Regular price $ 88.00
YOUTH Rangle SS Tech Shirt
Regular price $ 39.00
YOUTH Rangle LS Tech Shirt
Regular price $ 45.00
Our recommended AFTCO New Arrivals premiere the latest and greatest AFTECH technical fishing clothing items for the dedicated offshore and inshore fisherman.  AFTCO began with the first Fishing Short - the M01, and has evolved into providing high quality boardshorts to fishing shorts, performance clothing with UV protection, Waterproof jackets and materials that will wash fish guts away after you captured big game fish including; marlins, tuna, wahoo's, and black dotted fish.  Continuing to evolve every season check back frequently to keep up to date with the new fishing clothing that will help you focus on fighting your next big catch.