Ball Bearing

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Ball Bearing

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The finest made for the ultimate in roller guide performance,AFTCO's Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty (BBSHD) and Wind-On (BBWO) Ball Bearing roller guides offer the highest standards for performance and durability,and virtually eliminate maintenance concerns! These are the "Rolls Royce" of roller guides - costly perhaps,but simply the finest ever made. The ball bearings are satellite quality,and precision-built to the tolerances only AFTCO guides offer. AFTCO ball bearing roller guides,with the same unequalled knot clearance of other Big Foot® guides,are available ONLY with the rollers,pins and screws in a Gold titanium nitride finish,but with frames in your choice of Gold,Black Chrome oxide,or our traditional Chrome-plate finish. This is a precision built product,and the only maintenance required is a wash-off with fresh water. Big Foot® SHD Ball Bearing roller tip-tops are the match for these guides.

#32 SHD Ball Bearing Guide BBSHD32
#42 SHD Ball Bearing Guide BBSHD42
#52 SHD Ball Bearing Stripper Guide BBSHD52
*Complete Set of 5 SHD76
#22 Wind-On Ball Bearing Guide WO22
#32 SHD Ball Bearing Guide SHD32
#47 Wind-On Ball Bearing Stripper Guide WO47
**Complete Set of 5 WO66

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