Ball Bearing Guides and Tops Spare Parts

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Ball Bearing Guides and Tops Spare Parts


  • AFLON™ treated bearings
  • Triple seal system
AFTCO guides and tip-tops are designed and built to provide consistently flawless performance over a lifetime of fishing. The bearings, pins, rollers, screws, etc we produce today, while continually undergoing improvement in features and materials, are designed to fit perfectly into their proper AFTCO guide or tip-top, regardless of its age.

You can order all replacement parts individually, but since the difference in size between like parts is small, they can easily be mistakenly interchanged. To avoid this, we suggest that you order complete assemblies, which include the roller, pin, bearing (with AFLON lifetime lubricant) and screw, already assembled.

#32 and #42 SHD; #22 and #47 Wind-On Ball Bearing Roller Assembly BBRA2 $52.00
#52 SHD Ball Bearing Roller Assembly BBRA3 $55.00
#312 to #336 Top Roller Assembly BBRA5 $57.00

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