Heavy Duty Guides

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Heavy Duty Guides

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For 20 To 80-lb. trolling and stand-up tuna rods,AFTCO's Heavy Duty (HD) roller guides,with ample room for heavy lines and large knots,are ideal for big game trolling and deep water rods rated for 20 to 80-lb. lines,and for stand-up style tuna rods up to a 130-lb. test rating. Each features AFLON(tm) high performance bearings. Standard roller tip-tops are the perfect match for this guide series.

#31 HD Guide HD31
#41 HD Guide HD41
#51 HD Stripper Guide HD51
*Complete Set of 5 HD56

*(Complete Set of 5 includes 2 #31's, 2 #41's, 1 #51)

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