Lightweight and Small Series Lightweight

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Lightweight and Small Series Lightweight

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AFTCO Lightweight Roller Tip-Tops are the perfect match to our graphite and titanium lightweight guides and bring new levels of performance to a wide range of freshwater and saltwater rods designed to fish 2 to 30lb test lines. They are easily affixed to the fishing rod blank with a good epoxy or "hot melt" top glue,providing your glue's melting point does not exceed 300 degrees F. A small propane or gas torch may be used to heat the tube before fitting it into the blank,but be careful - over-heating can melt the tube. With a little practice,the proper amount of heat can be applied with no damage to the tip-top tube. The small-series (S) "Small Series" Lightweight Roller Tip-Tops are designed to fit lighter rods with smaller diameter tips. They feature the same size roller and bearing as the #1 Lightweight Guides and match up perfectly in size with these smaller profile guides. All of the lightweight Tip-Tops require virtually no maintenance,and are available in Black Frames,with your choice of Titanium,Black or Gold Guards.

#5 LT Tip-Top 5/64" LT5
#6 LT Tip-Top 6/64" LT6
#7 LT Tip-Top 7/64" LT7
#8 LT Tip-Top 8/64" LT8
#9 LT Tip-Top 9/64" LT9
#10 LT Tip-Top 10/64" LT10
#12 LT Tip-Top 12/64" LT12
#14 LT Tip-Top 14/64" LT14
#4.5 LTS Tip-Top 4.5/64" LTS4.5
#5 LTS Tip-Top 5/64" LTS5
#6 LTS Tip-Top 6/64" LTS6
#7 LTS Tip-Top 7/64" LTS7

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