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Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty Guides

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Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty Guides


  • 80-lb to unlimited line
  • .250 Knot Clearance
  • eXtra Large Bearings
  • AFLON™ treated bearings

AFTCO's superb Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty (SHD) roller guides feature rugged, roomy frames with unequalled knot clearance.  Rollers and bearings are extra large and extra tough to endure the special punishment of this heaviest line class.  AFLON™, an exclusive *Teflon® formulation, is bonded to all bearings to provide lasting lubrication and protection.  The oversized feet are precisely formed to match the contours of leading rods in this class, and they grip the rod with exceptional strength.  The edges of the AFTCO roller guide feet are "feathered" to allow winding thread to "climb" over them easily.  A complete set of five includes the double roller stripper guide and two each of the two super heavy duty single-roller guides, graduated in size.  Our Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty (SHD) roller tip-tops are a perfect match for these guides. 

#32 SHD Guide SHD32 $25.00 - BLACK
$34.00 - BLACK GOLD
$19.00 - CHROME
#42 SHD Guide SHD42 $26.00 - BLACK
$35.00 - BLACK GOLD
$20.00 - CHROME
#52 SHD Stripper Guide SHD52 $50.00 - BLACK
$67.00 - BLACK GOLD
$37.00 - CHROME

*Complete Set of 5

*(includes 2 - #32, 2 - #42, 1 - #52)

SHD76 $154.00 - BLACK
$205.00 - BLACK GOLD
$115.00 - CHROME


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