Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty Tip

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Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty Tip

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AFTCO Big Foot Super Heavy Duty Roller Tip-Tops are built to handle the heaviest lines and the biggest fish! Designed to match our Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty and Wind-On roller guides,these oversized fishing rod tips are extra large and extra tough. Now equipped with our super-braided line compatible modified rollers (See Additional Info),they are virtually foulproof,and offer unequalled knot clearance. The bearings are treated with AFLON(tm) for superior performance and lasting lubrication.

#312 SHD Tip-Top 12/64" SHD312
#314 SHD Tip-Top 14/64" SHD314
#316 SHD Tip-Top 16/64" SHD316
#318 SHD Tip-Top 18/64" SHD318
#320 SHD Tip-Top 20/64" SHD320
#322 SHD Tip-Top 22/64" SHD322
#324 SHD Tip-Top 24/64" SHD324
#326 SHD Tip-Top 26/64" SHD326
#328 SHD Tip-Top 28/64" SHD328
#330 SHD Tip-Top 30/64" SHD330
#332 SHD Tip-Top 32/64" SHD332
#334 SHD Tip-Top 34/64" SHD334
#336 SHD Tip-Top 36/64" SHD336

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