Wind On Guides

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Wind On Guides


  • 316 Stainless steel
  • .250" Knot clearance
  • 30-lb to unlimited line

AFTCO's Wind-On guide set is specifically designed to accommodate the knots and connections of wind-on leaders,which have become increasingly popular for big game fishing. The guides will handle lines from 30-lb. to unlimited line class,and they have the same knot clearance as our Big Foot® guides,but in a more compact frame. They will easily handle bulky wind-on leaders up to 700-lb. test, and they are also available with ball bearing assemblies for the ultimate in line protection and performance.  Wind-On guides can be used on 30, 50, and 80-lb. class I.G.F.A. rods and on extra-heavy stand-up rods.  The guide feet are perfectly formed to fit blanks with tip sizes down to 12/64ths I.D. Our Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty (SHD) roller tip-tops are top performers with these guides for unparalleled knot clearance.


#22 Wind-On Guide WO22 $25.00 - BLACK
$34.00 - BLACK GOLD
#32 SHD Guide SHD32 $25.00 - BLACK
$34.00 - BLACK GOLD
#47 Wind-On Stripper Guide WO47 $40.00 - BLACK
$56.00 - BLACK GOLD

*Complete Set of 5

*(Includes 2 #22's, 2 #32's, 1 #47)

WO66 $142.00 - BLACK
$192.00 - BLACK GOLD


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