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Nautical Blue Heather
Samurai Heathered LS Performance Hoodie
Regular price $ 39.00
Bahama Heather
Samurai Heathered LS Performance Shirt
Regular price $ 35.00
Bahama Heather
Anytime DriRelease® Performance LS Shirt
Regular price $ 49.00
Slate Heather
Anytime DriRelease® Performance SS Shirt
Regular price $ 45.00
Moonstone Heather
Barracuda Geo Cool™ LS Performance Shirt
Regular price $ 65.00
Sky Blue
Barracuda Geo Cool™ Hooded LS Performance Shirt
Regular price $ 75.00
Vivid Blue Heather
Fishbone Geo Cool™ Performance Polo Shirt
Regular price $ 59.00
Fishing Clothing by AFTCO features a broad range of fishing apparel for men.   What started as a high end, American made, saltwater fishing tackle brand has developed into a full range of men's fishing clothing.  The AFTCO clothing brand is well-known for the AFTCO M01, the world's first pair of offshore fishing shorts. AFTCO fishing clothes are constructed from unique AFTECH fabrics, featuring a full line of performance fishing shorts, sun protection clothing, t-shirts, hats, outerwear and even performance underwear.  The AFTCO clothing brand is built to withstand the on the water challenges faced while fishing fresh or salt water.