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AFTCO Freshwater Pro Team

AFTCO Freshwater Pro Team






Matt Arey Bass Fishing

Matt AreyB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Hank Cherry

Hank CherryB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Jason Christie Bass Fishing

Jason ChristieB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Drew Cook Bass Fishing

Drew CookB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Greg Dipalma Bass Fishing Guide

Greg DipalmaB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Marc Frazier

Marc FrazierB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Micah Frazier Bassmaster

Micah FrazierB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Bradley Hallman Bass Fishing

Bradley HallmanB.A.S.S.

Ray Hanselman Bassmaster

Ray HanselmanB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Shane Lehew Bassmaster

Shane LehewB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Wes Logan Bassmaster

Wes LoganB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Scott Martin Challenge Professional Angler

Scott MartinB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Mark Menendez Professional Angler

Mark MenendezB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Dave Mercer

Dave MercerB.A.S.S. Emcee

Bryan New

Bryan NewB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Matt Pangrac Bass Talk Live

Matt PangracB.A.S.S.

Garret Paquette Bass Fishing

Garret PaquetteB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Chad Pipkens Bass Fishing Bass Fishing

Chad PipkensB.A.S.S. Elite Series

Clifford Pirch Bass Fishing

Clifford PirchB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Gerald Swindle

Gerald SwindleB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Frank Talley

Frank TalleyB.A.S.S. Elite Series

AFTCO Pro Jay Yelas

Jay YelasB.A.S.S. Elite Series


Devon Banks MLF Fishing

Devon BanksMLF

Aaron Britt Bass Fishing Bio

Aaron BrittFLW Tour

Dustin Connell Bass Fishing Guide

Dustin ConnellMLF

Todd Faircloth Bassmaster

Todd FairclothMLF

Shin Fukae Freshwater Fishing

Shin FukaeMLF

AFTCO Pro Miles Howe

Miles HoweFLW Tour

Russ Lane Bassmaster

Russ LaneMLF

Jared Lintner Bassmaster

Jared LintnerMLF

Michael Neal MLF Fishing

Michael NealMLF

Wesley Strader MLF Fishing

Wesley StraderMLF

AFTCO Pro Tyler Woolcott

Tyler WoolcottMLF

Rod Wynn MLF Fishing

Rod WynnMLF


Dean Arnoldussen Freshwater Fishing

Dean ArnoldussenWalleye

Spencer Berman Freshwater Fishing

Spencer BermanMusky

Johnnie Candle Freshwater Fishing

Johnnie CandleWalleye

Robert Cardenas Freshwater Fishing

Robert CardenasWalleye

Mark Courts Freshwater Fishing

Mark CourtsWalleye

Kristine Fischer Freshwater Fishing

Kristine FischerKayak

Drake Herd Freshwater Fishing

Drake HerdWalleye

Mike Iaconelli Freshwater Fishing

Mike IaconelliProfessional Bass Angler

Ranga Perera

Ranga PereraFly Fisherman / Chef

Wally Marshall Freshwater Fishing

Wally MarshallCrappie

Mike Olson Freshwater Fishing

Mike OlsonWalleye

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