May 10, 2018

Bass Boot Camp: Travel VLOG - Lake Norman

AFTCO's recruit John Zeolla's first travel vlog takes him on the ""trek of all treks"" as he drives across the country from Southern California to the Bassmaster Open #2 at Lake Norman, NC. Being from the West Coast, John and other anglers endure one of the biggest struggles to fish tournaments competitively on the opens circuit - THE TRAVEL! The hours logged behind the wheel traveling from tournament to tournament away from friends and family is what most don't see. There's little glamour in this aspect of the sport, but John captures it all in this vlog. After many hours logged behind the wheel and a couple mechanical fire drills, John makes it to Norman and captured the entire journey to share with you all in this Bass Boot Camp vlog. PS - John gives some awesome ""Pro Tips"" in this video.

About AFTCO's Bass Boot Camp

John Zeolla was selected as the winner of AFTCO's Bass Camp. AFTCO is paying for John's B.A.S.S open fee's and expenses as he documents his journey in the 2018 season. Learn more about our Bass Boot Camp, check out the Bass Boot Camp YouTube series and make sure @aftcofreshwater

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