September 10, 2018


Bass Boot Camp: VLOG - Lake Champlain

AFTCO's recruit John Zeolla's latest Bass Boot Camp vlog takes us to the 3rd stop on the Bassmaster Open circuit at Lake Champlain in upstate New York. John travels 3,000+ miles across the country yet again from Southern California all the way to Champlain. It is cliche, but the travel and time behind the wheel to even have a chance at making it in this game is a real grind. In this vlog John captures the entire journey of sights, scenes, and less than glamourous nights spent in the car at truck stops. Short breaks at a gas station or fast food joint for provisions is the M.O. The actual fishing part is the icing on the cake, but don't burn your fish at practice...things can change quicly so gameplan accordingly. Tune into this one, it's an authentic look into what it's like trying to make it in competitive bass fishing.

About AFTCO's Bass Boot Camp

John Zeolla was selected as the winner of AFTCO's Bass Camp. AFTCO is paying for John's B.A.S.S open fee's and expenses as he documents his journey in the 2018 season. Learn more about our Bass Boot Camp, check out the Bass Boot Camp YouTube series and make sure @aftcofreshwater