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6 Tips for Responsible Recreation - Fishing during coronavirus pandemic

As a company that takes pride in enjoying the outdoors and our fishing resources, we feel for the communities currently at home doing their part t...

Any Fish, Any Water Ep. 2: Detroit | Garrett Paquette

Coming off a breakthrough rookie year on the Bassmaster Elite Series, AFTCO Pro Garrett Paquette lives a life driven by "Any Fish, Any Water"...so long as that fish is a Bass.

AFTCO Support of the CCA

In 2015, AFTCO helped create CCA of California (CCA CAL), but AFTCO’s involvement with the CCA started long before then.

Any Fish, Any Water® Series

From Costa Rica to Wisconsin, AFTCO builds product for Any Fish, Any Water®. Our oceans, lakes and rivers are home to incredible fisheries. More importantly, they are the origins of stories and experiences shared between friends and family.

AFTCO Strengthens Presence In Freshwater Fishing

We continue to expand our freshwater marketing efforts in 2020 with an increased focus on bass, crappie and walleye fisheries.

Women on the Water: Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fischer is not one to comply with societal norms. At a young age she was drawn to the outdoors, spending her free time exploring the woods and fishing local creeks and ponds. Fast forward to 2020 and she’ll tell you that not much has changed.

Any Fish, Any Water Ep. 1: Los Sueños | Will Drost

Billfish Capital of the World gets thrown around on a fairly regular basis, but Costa Rica's Los Sueños undoubtedly lives up to the hype.

8 Gear Tips: Cold Weather Fishing Clothing

Fishing in cold weather can be extremely rewarding. However, it's important to select the proper gear to keep you warm and dry when spending a day on the water during winter.


Dovetail Games’ Fishing Sim World Pro Tour delivers immersive gameplay for the avid and casual angler alike with an authentic tour mode that put’s ...

AFTCO Tackle Enters New Era of Product Focus with Robby Gant

New Tackle Brand Manager, Robby Gant, joins the AFTCO family to increase focus on offering dependable, flawlessly performing tackle.

Bass Boot Camp 2019 - Ep. 12: Grand Lake

Bass Boot Camp recruit Matt Pangrac keeps it rolling for the tail end of his Costa FLW series season at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. In this transitiona...

Fish Gaffing 101: How To Gaff A Fish

There are a few basic tips to keep in mind when it comes to closing the deal on a trophy fish. AFTCO's Greg Stotesbury shares the critical details you'll need to effectively get the job done. Read on for answers to questions like how far back to place the gaff, determining the right right time to gaff the fish, what to do after you make contact and more.