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AFTCO's Pro Gift Guide

AFTCO's Pro Gift Guide

AFTCO pros get a chance to put our gear to the test and they all have favorites. Here are some of our top pros' favorite gift items.



During a recent photoshoot, Captain Brandon Nelson got a chance to wear the Barricade and said it's a perfect match for the offshore fishing he does when guiding in Southern California. With 60 mile runs being a norm, you need a suit that will keep you dry. With the ability to layer the suit, it's perfect in the winter and with fewer layers, it's also an ideal shell for the warm California summers. 

AFTCO Barricade Jacket

"The versatility of the suit allows me to layer if it's cold out or wear as a shell on the long runs we do out here chasing offshore fish during the summer."

- Capt. Brandon Nelson




Captain Eric Newman of Journey South Outfitters prides himself on his skills in the kitchen. When he gets off the water and has to fillet his fish for his family and his clients, he uses the AFTCO Fillet knife. He loves the quality and the ergonomic handle. 

AFTCO Flex Fillet Knife

"The blade is made out of very high quality material. Which means it holds an edge for me greater than other companies can.

The handle design and materials make it nice to work with on fish and I feel safer using it because it wont slip if my hands are wet."

- Capt. Eric Newman




With so many Reaper options, we can't forget the womens Reaper. Kristine Fischer, killer kayak angler, lives in her Reaper when traveling the country fishing off her Hobie kayak. 

Womens Reaper Sweatshirt

"The reaper is both an ideal stand-alone piece or layering item for those extra cold days out on the water.  It’s feature-rich where it makes sense, but not overly complicated.  The built-in vented face mask is my favorite aspect of this hoodie.  It’s safe to say I spend over half of the year in my reaper!"

- Kristine Fischer






Living in Michigan, Devon Banks gets to experience colder weather earlier than most, and lasting longer than most. The Hydronaut rain suit is the perfect piece of outerwear for Devon to combat the colder temps. 

AFTCO Hydronaut Rain Jacket

"Beyond the Hydronaut suit being waterproof, the Hydronaut Jacket has the Speedvent Hood that is needed when traveling at high speeds on the water from one spot to the next. The Hydronauut Bibs are awesome with the adjustable wide shoulder straps; this addition takes away from the bib weighing down on your shoulders creating fatigue throughout the day."

- Devon Banks



Benny Ortiz is a Slow Pitch Jigging god and his line of choice is AFTCO Saiko Fluorocarbon. With man line sizes and spool sizes to choose from, it's a perfect option to give someone to try. 

Saiko Pro 25 yd Fluorocarbon Leader Line
Saiko Pro 25 yd Fluorocarbon Leader Line

"I’ve been using AFTCO SAIKO PRO leader since before its official release in 2019.  Hands down, it’s the best leader material that I have used.  With an unparalleled line diameter to strength ratio, I’m able to use thinner leader without sacrificing strength or abrasion resistance."

 - Benny Ortiz



The employees here at AFTCO are stoked about the release of the Urban Angler Backpack. Many of the marketing team heads to the local pond on our lunch breaks and the Urban Angler Bag will be the gear to have for all of us. Whether you are heading to the beach to surf fish, local pond for the green one or riding your bike to any fisheries, the Urban Angler bag will ensure you have what you need to catch a fish and stay hydrated.


Urban Angler Bag



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