March 18, 2021

Capt. Moe Newman's Top 5 Gear Picks

Capt. Moe Newman of Journey South Outfitters is no stranger to time on the water and has to make sure she has the best gear—not only for herself, but for her clients as well.

"As a guide, AFTCO has me covered from sunup to sundown. Below I will highlight my five favorite items that I use every day."

1. Women's Fishing Shorts

My favorite pieces in the AFTCO women's line are the fishing shorts. I wear them everyday, plus they feature a lot of pocket options for me to hold various items from weights to chapstick.

Women's Original Fishing Shorts

A modern feminine take on an AFTCO best-seller, the women’s version of the Original Fishing Shorts features unbelievable comfort and durability. Equipped with five functional pockets including a pliers pocket for ample storage capacity.

Women's Original Fishing Shorts

Capt. Moe prefers Saiko Pro Fluoro in pink for maximum bites

2. Saiko Pro Fluorocarbon

Next in the line-up is the Saiko Fluoro in pink. I prefer pink because fish cannot see it which translates to more bites. Plus, I fish rig structures and below the surface is a lot of barnacle growth which can quickly cut a line. The abrasion resistance of Saiko allows my clients to land more fish.

3. Sun Masks

Sun protection is very important to me, and the Solido Sun Mask keeps me fully covered all day. The best part about the mask is the mesh breathing panel. This is key because it allows me to keep my mask up over my nose without fogging up my glasses.

4. Aluminum Gaffs

The gaff is my go-to because it is durable, corrosion-resistant so it won't rust, and is available in multiple configurations to fit any fishery. I’ll use a shorter gaff with a small hook when targeting mahi from a small boat, or go with the longer six-foot handle and a bigger hook for tuna.

5. AFTCO x Böker Fillet Knives

The final item I use that brings the whole day together is the AFTCO x Böker Fillet Knife. Great grip, cuts like butter, and is offered in many different blade lengths depending on the size of the catch I’m cleaning. With day after day use the knife holds its edge!

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