September 6, 2018

Giant Bluefin Tuna On Antique Tackle


Shimano President and long time AFTCO friend, Dave Pfeiffer, landed a 219lb Bluefin Tuna which is the largest tuna caught on Tuna Club regulation linen line and tackle since Col. C.P. Morehouse’s 251lb Tuna Club record caught in 1899. Dave used antique tackle per Tuna Club Linen One Tournament rules and landed the fish on a 1930’s J.A. Coxe reel mounted on an ash-wood rod with agate ring guides. The fish took 48 minutes to land and was caught off the back side of San Clemente Island Thursday, August 23rd. The pre-1950, vintage 24-thread linen line later tested 51lbs at the Tuna Club. Dave’s fish is arguably the most important fish caught in the club since Morehouse’s “founding” fish from 1899.


*AFTCO gear as seen in Photo to capture record breaking Pacific Bluefin Tuna includes Samurai Sun Protection Hoodie, Utility Glove & Maxforce XH Harness


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