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    Black Camo
    Youth Camo Original Fishing Shorts
    Regular price $ 50.00
    Original Fishing Shorts Long
    Regular price $ 55.00
    Original Fishing Shorts
    Regular price $ 55.00
    Youth Original Fishing Shorts
    Regular price $ 50.00
    AFTCO shorts were the world’s first pure fishing shorts. Since the introduction of the AFTCO Original M01 series of men’s shorts in 1989, AFTCO shorts have given serious fisherman an answer to their technical fishing needs. Over the course of more than 20 years the original short has evolved into a complete line of traditional fishing shorts with different AFTECH fabrications, price ranges, and style preferences.

    What all AFTCO traditional shorts have in common is a pair of our signature Cordura® lined plier pockets and walk short style belt loops. Part walk short - with side seam pockets - meets swim trunk AFTECH quick dry, water & stain resistant fabric. The story behind the AFTCO Original shorts fabric - The now famous original AFTCO short fabric was discovered by Bill Shedd while cleaning fish with his dad, Milt, after a long range fishing trip. A sample of the material was literally soaked in the waste of the fish cleaning process. When washing removed the stains, we had found what we were looking for. These shorts and the durability of the fabric has since be recommended by countless pros, including Larry Dahlberg in this iconic story.