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    Fishway Tackle Boxers
    Regular price $ 25.00
    Gray Heather
    Tackle Boxers
    Regular price $ 20.00
    Echo Trucker Hat
    Regular price $ 26.00
    Hydronaut Gloves
    Regular price $ 59.00
    Shock Flexfit Hat
    Shock Flexfit Hat
    Regular price $ 30.00
    Thermaflex Gloves
    Regular price $ 29.00
    AFTCO saltwater and freshwater sun protection accessories include: aftco fishing gloves, performance underwear, fishing hats and sun protection masks.  With a rich heritage as the premium American made fishing hardware manufacturer, AFTCO sun protection accessories are the ideal way to show of your passion for fishing.  From your purchase, AFTCO is able to contribute $500,000 towards fishing and marine conservation each year.