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Outerwear Care Instructions

Outerwear Care Instructions

Step 1 

Prep: Shake well before use.  Use undiluted Nikwax Tech Wash and a sponge or soft nylon brush to treat stubborn stains before washing.  Follow garment care label instructions.  

Step 2

Machine Wash: Place Maximum 6 garments in washing machine.  Using cold water only, after the machine has filled, add: 5 fl oz. / 150 ml for 1-3 garments, low water level.  8.5 fl oz. / 250 ml for 4-6 garments; medium water level of Nikwax Tech Wash.  

Step 3

Waterproofing: No need to dry garments before waterproofing.  Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.  On a protected work surface lay clean wet fastened garment flat.  Hold Nikwax Spray-on bottle 15 cm/6 inches away from garment. Wait for 2 minutes. remove any surplus product with a damp cloth.  Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed.  Air dry for several minutes.  

Care Instructions Inspired by Nikwax® 


  • Bleach  - Colors will fade and can damage the DWR waterproof coating.
  • Fabric Softener - Will clog the pores of technical fabrics and can damage the waterproof coating, minimizing the garments waterproof and breathability.
  • Iron - The heat may damage the performance of your technical fabric and potentially melt your garment.
  • Dry Cleaning - Products used to dry clean could damage the technical features of your garment.   

***Damage during washing is not considered a manufacturer’s defect and is not covered under warranty.

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