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    Featured Color - Clear
    Saiko Pro 100% Fluorocarbon Leader // 25 Yard
    Colors Options
    $ 12.00
    Featured Color - Aluminum Fishing Gaff
    Aluminum Fishing Gaff
    Colors Options
    $ 74.00
    Featured Color - Light Aluminum Fishing Gaff
    Light Aluminum Fishing Gaff
    Colors Options
    $ 60.00
    Featured Color - Clarion XL Fighting Belt
    Clarion XL Fighting Belt
    Regular price $ 164.00 Out Of Stock
    Featured Color - Socorro Fighting Belt
    Socorro Fighting Belt
    Regular price $ 142.00
    Featured Color - AFTCO Alijos Fish Fighting Belt
    Alijos Fighting Belt
    Regular price $ 89.00
    Featured Color - Default Title
    Arena Fighting Belt
    Regular price $ 64.00
    Featured Color - Blue
    Maxforce XH Harness
    Regular price $ 136.00
    Featured Color - Maxforce 1 Harness
    Maxforce 1 Harness
    Regular price $ 94.00
    Featured Color - Default Title
    Maxforce GBR Bucket Harness
    Regular price $ 451.00
    Featured Color - Default Title
    Spin Strap
    Regular price $ 12.00
    Featured Color - Default Title
    Belt & Harness Drop Straps Kit
    Regular price $ 16.00
    Featured Color - Default Title
    6' Tag Stick
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    Regular price $ 75.00
    Featured Color - Tag Stick Pointed Applicator
    Tag Stick Pointed Applicator
    Regular price $ 8.00
    Featured Color - Black
    Utility Lanyard
    Regular price $ 6.00
    Featured Color - Black
    Regular price $ 11.00
    Featured Color - Navy
    Release Glove
    Colors Options
    Regular price $ 38.00
    Featured Color - Blue
    Short Pump Glove
    Regular price $ 23.00
    Featured Color - Blue
    Solmar UV Gloves
    Regular price $ 31.00
    Featured Color - Blue
    Solmar UVS
    Regular price $ 29.00
    Featured Color - Navy
    Utility Glove
    Colors Options
    Regular price $ 24.00
    Featured Color - Blue
    Wire Max Glove
    Regular price $ 78.00
    Featured Color - Black
    Hydronaut® Gloves
    Regular price $ 59.00
    Featured Color - Black
    Thermaflex Gloves
    Regular price $ 29.00
    Featured Color - Charcoal
    Solago Sun Gloves
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    Regular price $ 29.00

    Precision-Built, High Performance Quality Offshore Fishing Tackle

    The world's leading saltwater fishermen have long relied on AFTCO® fishing tackle components and fishing accessories for their consistently dependable, flawless performance. To preserve such a valued endorsement, we maintain a rigorous program of quality control over the creation of each and every product bearing the "AFTCO®" name.

    Beginning with carefully selected materials, we utilize highly specialized machining, finishing and testing processes to ensure that extra margin of excellence fishermen everywhere have come to expect from AFTCO® . Quite simply, we produce high quality, precision-built fishing tackle components and accessories that are second to none.

    The AFTCO® product line equally reflects our long-time commitment to an ambitious policy of research and innovation. Over the years, it has led to the introduction of such imaginative concepts for rod builders as Big Foot® and "Lightweight" roller guides (with AFLON™ lubricated bearings), swaged aluminum Unibutt® rod butts, and most recently, our high-tech, pressure-sensitive RDT reel seats with digital display. For saltwater fishermen, our ever-expanding line of fishing accessories - including tapered aluminum and fiberglass gaffs and tag sticks, Roller Troller® and Goldfinger™ outrigger and downrigger clips, waterproof fishing kites, AFTCO® Bluefever™ fishing gloves, tackle bag, and our growing line of fish-fighting belts and harnesses - exemplifies a continued commitment to innovative product development.

    Each of these advances was perfected by exhaustive testing at sea, with the direct, "hands on" involvement of dedicated AFTCO® personnel, experts whose concerns and judgment reflect lifetimes of active big game fishing. Such intensive testing is the cornerstone of AFTCO® reliability. We are proud to offer our full-line of precision-built, high performance AFTCO® fishing tackle components on the following web pages.